Law Firm Based in Bali, Indonesia

MH Law Firm foundations are built on 45 years of integrity and reliability in the delivery of legal principle-based, client-first, cost-effective legal services to both Indonesians and Foreigners.


Our value proposition

MH Law Firm is a dynamic, trusted, proven, tested, solution-driven reputable legal practice that offers our carefully selected group of in-house specialist lawyers who have substantial diverse industry knowledge, and expertise in Indonesian law. 

What we do best

Whilst having the capacity to handle large-scale international transactions and cross-border legal matters between Indonesia and Foreign interests.  MH Law Firm delivers its core specialized legal services tailor-designed to meet your needs in Bali and the broader Indonesia. 


We provide 24/7 legal support

offering certainty, reliability, and protection in law. 

Our Global Services

Our lawyers provide 360-degree creative and strategic solutions.

Having the right legal advice and services can save you time and money. Our lawyers are well-versed in the rules and regulations of Indonesia and how it applies to both Indonesians and Foreigners.

Our group of lawyers is strategic, specialized, and solution-driven, we understand the needs of our clients and can adapt to the changing environment and circumstances. Flexibility is the key.



Our Competitive Advantages

We incorporate a unique service delivery model, a combination of legal practice, and strategic advisory in the setup of your personal and commercial requirements. .

Our Prestige

We are well established, proven legal practice with local and international knowledge and know how to deliver best practices and excellence in law.

We have 360 degrees understanding of the rules and regulations of Indonesia, we are on-ground in Bali we have established long-term key strategic relationships, contacts, and connections, and we have an excellent working relationship with the local authorities to enable clients to get access to the appropriate supports to receive concise information and paperwork required to live, work and run a business and retire in Bali.

Our People

Our Lawyers, Notaries, and Administrators are highly qualified, certified Indonesian practitioners coordinating personal, corporate, and commercial services. MH Law Firm has established strategic partnerships with International Lawyers & Consultants for cross-border legal services.

The Executive Team



Prof. RA. Retno Murni, SH, MH, PhD.

Executive Advisor

Ni Luh Arie Ratna Sukasari, BSc (Hons.)

Administrator of Law

Ngakan Putu Ardana, SE., SH., MSi., BKP.
Executive Strategic Tax and Legal Advisor

William Michael Lenihan
Integrated Investment & Strategic Advisory


Our team is committed to providing trusted and solution-driven advice
for any of your legal requirements.